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Improved Texas Rig

With a regular Texas-rigged worm, you miss strikes because fish grab the worm behind the hook. But if you rig the plastic worm as shown below, the hook is far enough back to catch short-strikers. The sinkers are inside the worm, offering several other advantages:
They keep the worm from sliding down the shank when you set the hook;they won't separate from the worm, so pegging is unnecessary; and they're covered by soft plastic, so bass hang onto the worm longer. Here'show to make an improved Texas rig:

  • Thread the line through a plastic worm so it comes out about one-fourth of the way back. Simply use the hook as a needle.

  • Thread several 1/64- or 1/32-ounce bullet sinkers onto the line nose first and tie on the hook.

  • Draw the sinkers and the eye of the hook into the worm by pulling on the line; push the hook into the worm so the point barely protrudes. The worm should hang straight so it doesn't twist your line.

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